As a wedding photographer, I’m constantly surrounded by people who are looking their very best – and I’m not just talking about the bride and groom who are of course the stars of the show.

For wedding guests there’s an unwritten rule that you should arrive smart, in a formal suit or dress. It’s a given, and rightly so, but for photographers there’s a little more freedom involved in the decision-making process. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very conscious of how I dress for weddings but I also have to think about comfort and durability as I’m constantly on the move.

If you’re a new and emerging wedding photographer looking for some pointers, or a bride or groom wanting to know what I’ll be wearing on your big day, I’d be glad to fill you in. As a male wedding photographer, it’s actually quite easy for me to choose the right outfit, and I usually opt for:

A formal fitted shirt

This is petty important because there’s a general rule that anything baggy is an absolute no go. In all honesty I’ve never been one for baggy clothing and I believe anything loosely fitted tends to look unprofessional. This next photo shows a videographer in action, and you’ll notice he opted for a floral formal shirt which was perfect for this summer wedding.

Dark Skinny chinos/trousers

It’s not uncommon for wedding guests to arrive wearing skinny chinos or dress trousers but it’s also a great option for photographers. When perfectly fitted, I’m able to move about freely on the day without feeling restricted whilst any grass stains from shooting low won’t ruin my day.

Smart shoes

I’ve never witnessed a wedding photographer wear trainers and rightly so; there’s absolutely no place for them. I always wear a smart pair of 1461 Doc Martens. Not a pleasure to wear-in but they’re extremely durable, and after a few months of regular use they become extremely comfortable. They also provide plenty of grip which is great for me when I’m dashing around all over the place capturing those special moments.

What about female wedding photographers?

I’m fortunate enough to have worked with some fantastic female wedding photographers so I am able to provide some insight here too! In my experience formal dresses or skirts with blouses are very common. The dresses or skirts are usually knee length and this makes perfect sense, especially when they’re likely to be spending time lying down and shooting up. Wearing darker shades like navy, grey and black can be wise too, as the photographer is able to step out the limelight and into the background, which is perfect for the documentary approach. Of course there’s also the option of smart skinny trousers with a formal blouse or shirt, but the most important choice is the shoes. I can confirm that I’ve never seen a wedding photographer wear heels, and as is the case for men, wearing reserved flats is a wise option.

For most professional wedding photographers it’s important to look good. For me, it’s always such a privilege to be asked to photograph such a grand occasion, and I owe it to my clients to look smart and wear the right outfit for the job. If you’re new to the wedding photography scene, make sure you tick all of these aspects:

  • Comfortable
  • Professional
  • Durable
  • Reserved
  • Flexible