My friend who’s set to get married next year recently told me how stressful wedding planning is. She is only in the early stages at the moment and they’re both finding it “pretty darn difficult to juggle everything from the wedding website to the paper save the date cards”. There are of course the bigger decisions to come, such as the venue, photographer and dress so it’s pretty understandable why the wedding planning process can be so stressful; especially when you think of the many vendors you’re likely to be dealing with on an ongoing basis:

  • Photography
  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • Cakes
  • Bridal Wear
  • Groom Attire
  • Catering
  • Cars
  • Decorations
  • Favours
  • Venue

As you head deeper into the planning stages, you’re both working hard and saving as much money as possible, whilst fitting in meetings and responding to emails and phone calls. Then when the time comes to book some much needed time off from work, you find it’s used for the hen and stag dos – which aren’t the most chilled of occasions! At times it’s hard to understand why you’re spending a ludicrous amount of time stressing over the tiny details, yet there does come a time when adding hundreds of handwritten labels to petite jam jars is completely worth it.

“Every decision you make is part of your wedding story.”

I find I say this a lot in my meetings with couples because it’s completely true. When you’re planning your wedding, you’re already creating part of your story. I recently attended a session with a bride-to-be where she was joined by her mother and the flower consultant to run through ideas and arrangements. Abi will be marrying Ben in September, and as I’ve always said to my clients “if my diary is clear I’m more than happy to capture some of those planning stages, whether that be a dress fitting, suit fitting or the personal touches being added to the rings”.

I want my clients to look back on their wedding photographs with a beaming smile, taking in those memories. And that includes the planning stages (when possible). Fortunately I was available on the day of Abi’s meeting with the flower consultant, so I spent a couple of hours capturing some candid moments she and her mother discussed a series of flower ideas in her beautiful home. We also took the opportunity to wander down the field where their wedding will be, and I know (or hope) that one day these almost ordinary moments will be seen as special memories.

Wedding planning is a long process and it can be really stressful, so I appreciate the thought that goes into a wedding to make it unique, personal and memorable. Kim and I therefore make it a priority to ensure we’re capturing those little details that are important to the bride and groom, whether that be cute lucky penny wedding favours, hand-stitched love hearts or white gypsophila bridesmaid bouquets.