Wedding Photography Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. The fact is I wouldn’t take on a wedding without getting to know you. I feel it’s my obligation to take the time to understand what you’re looking for in a photographer and I’ll be honest and say whether I’m the right individual for you.

I’ve recently added engagement shoots to two of my popular wedding packages because I’ve found it to be extremely useful. Not only does it allow you to get a feel for my style of photography, but it also gives you an insight to what it will be like on the day, whilst we’re also able to bounce ideas off each other when it comes to the planned formal shots on your wedding day.

I will always be the main photographer at your wedding so the majority of the shots are produced by me, however, I do have a trusted assistant and partner Kim who will take additional candid shots throughout the course of the day. Another advantage is that not all brides feel comfortable having a male photographer present during the ‘getting ready’ shots, so having Kim to step in works perfectly.

Yes I would definitely describe my photography style as candid. With a reportage approach I aim to photograph beautiful moments as they unfold. That said, there will be a small number of photographs that are taken with a little direction, but these shots still appear natural – without any cheese!

The best light for formal wedding photography photos is during sunset. If you did want to take advantage of this light it would most likely mean stepping out of your reception for 20 minutes, but that’s completely up to you. I know that whatever the weather, I will be able to take beautiful photographs but I would always recommend saving a little bit of time for these ‘Golden Hour’ shots.

Preparation. I will have already visited your venue prior to your wedding so there are unlikely to be many surprises for me on the day. That said, I am able to adapt well, and my professional camera is designed to deal with low light situations so I rarely need to use flash.

It will depend on the timings of your day but I generally photograph the groom, the best man and the fellow groomsmen first as they don’t take too long to get ready. After spending around 30 minutes I usually have the shots I need, so then I head to document the bridal preparations where Kim and myself will be based until it’s time to head to the venue. Of course, if the gents are ready a little bit earlier than planned, we can always reconstruct a few images by putting the jacket on again or by re-pinning the buttonhole.

Not necessarily, as I know many photographers who cover large weddings on their own and I have done this on occasion too, but having an extra helping hand during the formal photographs is a big bonus. For me it just helps the day go a lot smoother, whilst Kim and I are able to bounce ideas of each other too. You also get additional candid photographs so it makes perfect sense.

Absolutely. I love photographing in new locations and I will always charge very fair travel costs. The UK is a relatively small island – I came to this conclusion when I spent a year in Australia – so it really doesn’t matter where you’re based in the UK, I’d love the opportunity to photograph your wedding.

Yes I do. I can’t say that I’ve been involved in many weddings over the years where family photographs aren’t required. I tend to find a scenic spot with beautiful fields, trees or the historic venue in the background, whilst Kim will be beside me taking the same shots from a more natural angle. So you get the best of both.

This will depend on what you’d like covered. ‘Sunrise to Sunset’ generally includes getting ready, ceremony, formal shots, speeches, first dance, cutting of the cake and the arrival of evening guests. ‘The Complete Works’ includes getting ready, ceremony, speeches, first dance, cutting of the cake, evening guests and the afterparty. You’ll also be pleased to know that both of these shoots also include an engagement shoot. More details on my packages can be found here.

Generally I meet with my clients to understand their requirements first but if we’re both happy to work together then a small non-refundable deposit of £150 is required to book me for your big day. The final payment is then due one month before the wedding. As soon as you’ve paid the deposit, I’m fully committed to your date.

Not long at all. We like to have your wedding photos back to you by the time you return from your honeymoon so from the date of your wedding it may be a 3-week wait. I’ll then pay you a visit in person with your personalised keepsake box and wooden memory stick, which stores all of your digitally processed images. I also include a few memento prints that are ready to be popped into a frame.

I have in the past but it’s a sad truth that the time and effort involved in this process nowadays means I would need to charge excessive amounts to make a return on this service. Like many wedding photographers, I can’t compete with the many consumer album companies around. That said, if you desperately want an album I’m happy to offer advice throughout the process, and there are many companies I can recommend should you want to create an album that you love.

No. I have a wealth of experience in retouching and it’s part of my service to you.

Yes absolutely. I love the small details, they say a great deal about your wedding day so my wedding photography checklist always includes details such as the dress, shoes, buttonhole, bouquet, rings and favours etc.