Bedfordshire and the surrounding counties are home to some fantastic scenery; perfect places for your private engagement shoot.

We understand that whilst it’s important to capture those significant moments throughout the wedding day, having beautiful, natural photos taken beforehand with a private session can be extremely beneficial. You’re able to get comfortable in front of the camera, develop ideas on how you want your formal wedding photos to look and get a feel for my style of work. What’s more, the photographs created are perfect for wedding day invitations.

As documentary a wedding photographer, I believe the most natural and picturesque settings for an engagement shoot can be found outdoors – all year round! Whether, it’s bright and sunny or overcast on the day, we can ensure you come away with beautiful reportage style photographs. Our aim is to ensure you feel at ease as we introduce ideas that we can incorporate into your wedding photography. Of course, getting the scenery right is a must, and as the majority of our weddings take place in Bedfordshire, we have put together some of our favoured spots.

Bedford Embankment

The famous river that runs through the town will make for a beautiful backdrop. Whether you are looking for a secluded area surrounded by trees, a spot with the butterfly bridge in the background or a large open field, Bedford’s embankment could be the perfect location. If your wedding reception is based within Bedford town centre, this is obviously a nice area to become accustomed to before your big day.

Houghton House

Who knew a ruined mansion would be such a beautiful backdrop? This Grade I listed building is a little worse for wear but that’s why it has such an impressive personality. It’s positioned above the surrounding countryside and commands excellent views – a fine choice for those who want a historic background that’s beautifully rugged. For many Bedford based couples, the Houghton House is a short drive from your ceremony and reception, so if you need a unique space for your engagement shoot this is definitely worth the venture.

Cadwell Farm

Out towards Hitchin, Cadwell Farm can ensure your engagement or wedding day photoshoot encompasses vibrant colours. With the deep purple lavender fields setting the scene, it’s a great way to showcase a natural countryside feel with a hint of vibrancy.

Willington Lake

With over 12 acres to work with, we’re only limited by our imagination here. This still water lake is a beautiful and romantic area to capture honest, intimate images. On a sunny day the calm water reflects the blue sky, but even if it’s ever so overcast, the clouds provide an enchanted feel, steadying the harsh sunlight.

These are just a few of locations myself and Kim recommend to couples for their engagement shoot, but we travel throughout Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire on a regular basis, so we’ll always be able to find an area close to you or venue. As stated, the engagement shoot allows us to get to know you and work together to create ideas so that we’re fully prepared for your wedding day.