What is a Boho Wedding?

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I recently paired up with Ellice from Willow & Blossom Floral Design to photograph a few of her products in a ‘boho chic’ style. I’ll admit, I didn’t know a great deal about this wedding genre at the time and thought it was just another quirky Instagram term for a laid back wedding – [...]

The stresses and joys of wedding planning

By |2018-05-20T12:57:17+01:00May 20th, 2018|Wedding Photography|

My friend who’s set to get married next year recently told me how stressful wedding planning is. She is only in the early stages at the moment and they’re both finding it “pretty darn difficult to juggle everything from the wedding website to the paper save the date cards”. There are of course the [...]

10 reasons to hire Ben Taylor as your wedding photographer

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I know I will not always be every couple’s cup of tea when it comes to wedding photography, but I may be yours. There are so many talented documentary wedding photographers in the UK but I can only give you an insight into my approach, experience and offering, so here are a few reasons [...]

Photographing my first wedding

By |2017-08-27T06:28:24+01:00August 26th, 2017|Wedding Photography|

The first wedding I ever shot was very intimate. I was the second-shooter to a well-known celebrity and fashion photographer, Ruth Allen. The ceremony and the reception were held in the very small yet stylish Crazy Bear hotel in Beaconsfield. Looking back, I believe it was the perfect setting for my first wedding because [...]

What are wedding photography styles?

By |2017-08-27T02:20:19+01:00June 14th, 2017|Wedding Photography|

If you’re currently researching wedding photography or looking for ideas, you’ve probably found a number of different styles mentioned in magazines, blogs or across social media, including documentary, classic, modern and creative. So what exactly are these styles and do they fall in line with the type of photos you’re looking for? Hopefully I [...]

How do wedding photographers dress?

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As a wedding photographer, I’m constantly surrounded by people who are looking their very best – and I’m not just talking about the bride and groom who are of course the stars of the show. For wedding guests there’s an unwritten rule that you should arrive smart, in a formal suit or dress. It’s [...]

Why Two Wedding Photographers?

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When you’re narrowing in on the search for your perfect wedding photographer, there are many factors you need to consider; their personality, their photographic style and the equipment they’ll be using. You may also come across professionals who shoot on their own, and those that have assistants (also known as second shooters). But does [...]

Engagement photoshoots: Finding the perfect setting in Bedford

By |2017-03-29T04:51:05+01:00March 29th, 2017|Engagement Photography|

Bedfordshire and the surrounding counties are home to some fantastic scenery; perfect places for your private engagement shoot. We understand that whilst it’s important to capture those significant moments throughout the wedding day, having beautiful, natural photos taken beforehand with a private session can be extremely beneficial. You’re able to get comfortable in front [...]

Capturing intricate details on your wedding day

By |2017-04-23T04:31:18+01:00January 5th, 2017|Wedding Photography|

Over the years I've learned a great deal about weddings and the type of photographs couples now want to see. Funnily enough, some of the photographs they're most excited about seeing when they receive their personalised memory stick are not those of themselves, but of the small details they planned together for months.  That's [...]

Wedding Photography: RAW vs. JPEG

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My preference I’ll never forget my early experiences in wedding photography. I’d spend one week in Cambridge shooting alongside an experienced photographer who’s telling me to change my camera settings to JPEG, then the following weekend I’d be in Richmond Park with another pro who’s telling me to only ever shoot in RAW. Having [...]