I know I will not always be every couple’s cup of tea when it comes to wedding photography, but I may be yours.

There are so many talented documentary wedding photographers in the UK but I can only give you an insight into my approach, experience and offering, so here are a few reasons why I may be the perfect pick for you.

I learned from the best

Though I’ve been a keen photographer since my school days, shooting with a Polaroid Izone camera, I never truly believed I could make a living from my passion until I worked alongside Ruth Allen, a fashion and celebrity portrait photographer in London. I learned early on that many wedding photographers keep their cards close to their chest and Ruth was one of the first photographers to open the door to me and provide opportunities to assist her at lavish weddings in the Richmond area of London. Those experiences working alongside a young, upcoming and incredibly talented professional helped me understand what it really takes to be an awesome wedding photographer. By working as a second shooter, I was able to carve my own unique style, which I now describe as a contemporary reportage approach.

I love to travel

I’ve always had a real sense of adventure and it wasn’t too long ago I was backpacking across Australasia and Asia, photographing iconic beaches, national parks, lagoons and remote islands. Though based in Bedfordshire, I’m willing to travel anywhere in the world to photograph weddings, so whether you’d like me to document your wedding day deep in the romantic city of Rome, near the peaks of the Alps or beside a pure white beach in Bali, I’m your guy. Kim and I actually created a travel video not too long ago using the GoPro footage of our tour of Australia and South East Asia. If you’ve got some time, press play on the video below to see what we got up to.

You love my candid style of photography

If you’ve already had a flick through my wedding albums and can appreciate the way I’ve captured beautiful couples with a natural and authentic approach, you’re most probably going to love the photos I will take of you. I’m experienced in photographing portraits, but the type of images I find most rewarding are those that reflect you as you are. The majority of my photographs are taken without any direction, so you’re free to relax and roam around to greet your guests knowing myself and Kim are capturing the best bits of your day.

I’m always updating my camera gear

I’ve always been one to keep up with new technology and that’s especially the case with photography. Having camera gear that’s outdated and unpredictable is not an option for me, so I move with the times, upgrading my gear when it’s necessary to do so, ensuring I have the highest quality equipment to capture, process and store your beautiful photos. I’m also a bit of a worry worm when it comes to backing up photos so I will always make sure I can quickly and easily save your photos on high quality and reliable storage devices as well as with secure cloud storage providers.

My assistant Kim helps ensure the day runs smoothly

Though I have photographed weddings on my own, I now have a trusted assistant in my partner Kim. Having watched me develop as a photographer, she’s naturally developed an interest in the art form itself and hasn’t looked back. Kim will be with me on your wedding day taking additional candid photographs, adding a different perspective to your wedding photography story. As the official photographer, the majority of the photographs are captured by myself, but with an extra pair of hands, formal photographs become a whole lot easier to manage, whilst we’re both able to bounce ideas off each other whilst capturing as many different perspectives as we can so your final album is vibrant, emotive and varied. All of the photography taken on the day will be processed by myself so you will also always get one consistent style.

I process all of my images to make great shots spectacular

It’s entirely true that you can’t make a bad photograph great. I will always need a strong starting point, and that all happens in camera. I do, however, use the likes of Photoshop and Lightroom to make the good photos I’ve taken on the day great.

When I’m processing photographs, I’m not just thinking about how beautiful you both look, I’m also questioning whether the colours are true to those that were so evident on the day. I want the photographs to really tell the story of your day, so I may choose to bring out the stunning hues I remember seeing in your bouquet, bridesmaid dresses and table decorations so they really come through when you’re flicking through your wedding album. As fun as it would be to Photoshop a dinosaur into your wedding photographs, I believe in delivering honest, natural photographs that are beautifully composed, not overcomplicated or manipulated to the extreme. My post-production techniques are therefore centered on enhancing the natural beauty of each image we’ve captured.

I love photographing people

One of the main reasons why I found myself drawn to wedding photography as opposed to other niches is because I love capturing people as they are. A wedding is the perfect place to see people let their hair down and reveal their true colours. This is exactly what I love capturing. Take a look at this photograph below. It’s a very simple moment of a beautiful bride looking down at her bouquet, but to me, it reveals so much. In this moment, I’ve had no impact on the bride whatsoever. I was careful with my positioning because I didn’t want to interfere with this moment. It had been a hectic morning and this was her opportunity to be able to think and just pause for a few seconds to take in the fact that she’d be married within the next half an hour. Now, when she looks back on this photograph in years to come, she may remember the nerves in her tummy and the way she felt in that instant.

I do my homework 

Anticipating special moments is so important to successful documentary wedding photography, and even though the majority of my shots are taken without any direction, I will always research your venue, visit it a few weeks before your wedding and ensure I know the conditions I’m working with. By visiting your venue just a few weeks before, I’m able to get a good idea on the expected lighting conditions, whilst scouting the grounds for areas that I think would work perfectly for your formal wedding photographs. It’s also handy to know how much space I have to work with, especially with regards to the ceremony photographs, so I do take my homework seriously, and I feel this is something all good photographers have to do to make sure they’re perfectly prepared.

I don’t mind getting dirty

Wedding photography has certainly helped me keep fit over the years, but I have to be able to move about quickly and freely to capture candid moments from different perspectives. If there’s a photo I desperately want to capture, but perhaps the best composition in that moment is from a very low position, that’s no problem. A few mud or grass stains won’t bother me in the slightest. As important as backup camera gear is, I’ll always bring some spare clothes too so if the grass is drenched and with muddy areas, I can get stuck in, capturing beautiful moments as they develop.

I’ll go the extra mile to make you happy

It always means a great deal to me when a couple picks me as their wedding photographer. To put their faith in me to capture their special moments and be present on their biggest day is quite overwhelming at times. I appreciate every couple who takes the time to get to know me and learn more about my approach and that’s why I will do everything I can to help with your special day. If you’re having your wedding rings engraved and would like me to capture the moment the names are etched into the rings, I will do all I can to be there to capture it. In the past I’ve attended dress fittings to capture the bridesmaids reactions the first time the bride wears the dress, so if there’s something important during the build up to your wedding, let me know as soon as possible and if my schedule allows for me to do so, I’ll happily come along. After all, the planning stages are now a very important part of the overall wedding photography story!

These are just a few of the reasons why you may like to hire me as your official wedding photographer, but of course you’ll get a better feel for my style and personality when you meet me in person. To schedule in a one-to-one, simply ping me a message or give me a call. I’m always happy to come to your place or your favourite coffee shop so just let me know a time and a place that suits you.